Ativan Side Effects 

Ativan Side Effects

Ativan Side Effects in elderly

We all know that Ativan is one of the finest medicines that give you straightforward relief from anxiety. But we hardly know that there are consequences of it. The only consequence is when we overdose on the medicine. Therefore, it is better that we have the medicine within the given quantity. know the Fact of Ativan Side Effects Medication in HUMAN’s

Here are the Ativan side effects that we need to go through. If we are aware of them we would not have any sort of trouble. They are mentioned below. Just go through them and you may not have any more questions. 


Effects of It?

  • Blurred vision- Your vision becomes blurry and you are not able to see half of things. In other words, you can say some sort of darkness comes into your eyes. 
  • Drowsiness- Another thing is that you feel drowsy during the day. This is the most dangerous ativan side effect that makes you sleepy and tired. 
  • Appetite change- Your appetite can change and you may not feel like eating half of the things. At least for this reason you should never misuse an Ativan. 
  • Constipation- There is no doubt that you can also have constipation. People often take this matter so casually but this is not at all known to be a casual matter. 
  • Nausea- It can also cause nausea. After this, you can have a huge problem in your stomach. So please make sure that you always take this matter into consideration. 
  • Heartburn- Without any doubt, your heart can also burn. You feel a slight pain in your chest. 

As a result, these are the Ativan side effects in elderly people. In order to avoid them you have to consume the dosage within the required prescription. This way you may not face any such trouble.


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