Erectile Dysfunction icd 10

erectile dysfunction icd 10

You Should know the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction icd 10


With the overall increase and frankness in social media and movies, as viewers, we may set fake standards when it comes to intimate time. In addition to it, the unhealthy lifestyle nowadays may cause some severe health issues. One of these health conditions is erectile dysfunction icd 10. Let us know more about erectile dysfunction, cause of erectile dysfunction, and how to fix it. 


What is erectile dysfunction? 

Getting an erection is a complex process where the brain, muscles, and blood vessels play an essential role in getting an erection and keeping firm for sexual activity. However, when the erection is not firm enough or enables it to happen, then it is called erectile dysfunction.


What is the cause of erectile dysfunction?

There may or may not be any particular cause of erectile dysfunction. However, several reasons can contribute to the cause of erectile dysfunction. Some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Health conditions like heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Low testosterone levels
  • High consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or smoking
  • Psychological conditions like stress, anxiety
  • Pelvic floor injury

Note: These are usual causes that affect sexual health and can cause dysfunction. But, there may be more factors contributing or maybe some unknown reason. Consult your doctor for further and more transparent information. 

erectile dysfunction icd 10

(Erectile dysfunction icd 10)

How to know the disease of erectile dysfunction ICD 10? 

 According to ICD 10, the Erectile dysfunction code is N 52. To know if you have erectile dysfunction, you must check how strong your reaction is. If you feel having this dysfunction, Your doctor will assist you to understand better. He may run a few tests on you to verify the dysfunction. 


What are the main Causes ED in Your 20s?

Although it is very frustrating to have this dysfunction in your 20s, it is treatable with some medications and improving health conditions. According to the National Institute of health, almost around 30 million men are affected by this condition. 

However, no particular cause can cause erectile dysfunction in your 20s, but factors may affect you. Some of the prime reasons are:

  • Diabetes
  • Heath conditions
  • High body fat 
  • Drugs, smoking, and alcohol 
  • Performance anxiety 
  • Excessive use of porn 


Is it possible to get erectile dysfunction treatment in your 20s?

It is not difficult to treat erectile dysfunction early in your 20s and treat it with some medication and health modifications. 

Factors that will help treat are: 

  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Alteration in lifestyle and habits. 
  • Treating health conditions 
  • Managing stress and anxiety 

Consult your healthcare provider that will provide the best options for your treatment according to the severity of your problem. 


How do erectile dysfunction memes affect young people?

Erectile dysfunction has always been taboo because people do not talk about it openly. As a result, it makes people think that they are alone. But it is not valid; many people suffer from this completely normal. Unfortunately, memes are becoming famous in this social media era which might get depressing. 

You can take some medication to treat erectile dysfunction like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Sildenafil.  Viagra for erectile dysfunction is the most widely used pill. These are some pills that will show the effect in some time. But always use it after the doctor’s consultation. 


How do you fix erectile dysfunction in adults?

If you want to treat it, first, you must know the cause of erectile dysfunction; your doctor will help you with it. Some tips can help you fix your problem:

  • Treating other Health Conditions: If you have problems related to heart, blood pressure, and others, you must treat them first correctly.
  • Obesity: If you have a high body fat percentage, you may lose some fat as it may affect your sexual health. 
  • Smoking, Alcohol, and drugs: If you have an addiction or overuse this stuff, you must stop consuming them right now. They have a terrible impact on our health. 
  • Exercise: Exercise is helpful for weight loss and provides unlimited internal benefits. Having good internal health will help you in treating this problem.
  • Porn addiction: If you are addicted to porn, stop watching it immediately as it will set unrealistic expectations in your mind, and you will feel dissatisfied in reality. 


Conclusion of it:-

This problem is expected but not spoken much. Don’t worry; you are not alone, and it can be treated effectively by some minor changes and medication. In addition, like men, women are also affected by their sexual health. Just like Viagra for men, there is Viagra for women available. Therefore, if you want to purchase online, you can also get Viagra for sale that will be cost-effective. But make sure to consult your doctor.


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