Rings For Anxiety

rings for anxiety

‘Truth Behind Rings For Anxiety’


You must have guessed the content you are about to read by reading the title! Talking about anxiety, it is the most concerning mental health disorder that half of the population suffers from. These days, people are more concerned to momentarily cope with the symptoms. Such as taking a prescription medicine, or purchasing a ring for anxiety. Yes! You read that right. Anxiety rings, also known as several names such as spinner rings, fidgeting rings, worry rings, and many more. Let us review whether they are really helpful or just have useless hype around it. 


Some experts claim anxiety rings are a highly affordable and effective way of managing anxiety symptoms. It works faster and is cheaper as compared to medication and any other therapies. However there are many people who confuse panic attacks with anxiety attacks.

 Let us burst all the myths first!


 Panic Attacks VS Anxiety Attacks

According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, Anxiety is a state of constant fear that can get high or low depending upon the person’s approach. On the other hand, Panic refers to a sudden, out of the blue rush of blood that can make a person show external signs. Panic attacks are considered to be rare. However, both of these attacks can be damaging to the person’s health. 


Panic disorder comes under the symptoms of Anxiety disorders. It means that anxiety leads to panic. And can further become severe if not managed properly. That severe state is panic. Let us look at the signs of anxiety attack VS panic attack. 


Anxiety Attack Panic Attack
Disturbed Sleeping pattern Sudden outburst
Tension in the muscles Shaking and trembling
Irritability Chest pain
Gradual buildup  Increased heart rate
Difficulty in concentration Shortness of breath
Fatigue Feeling of disconnection


What is An Anxiety Ring?

Have you ever felt a certain amount of pressure on yourself, when you have to perform on stage? Or have you ever felt pangs of heaviness in your lungs because you have to do a presentation in front of the whole class? The main reason behind all these feelings is undoubtedly Anxiety! Thus, talking about rings of anxiety, let us see how these rings affect the mechanism of the brain against anxiety. 

rings for anxiety

There are people, like me, Who tend to bite their nails or cuticles when they are stressed or nervous. Most of us tend to discover our own coping mechanisms while being in that situation. However, experts claim that anxiety rings could work wonders for a person’s overall well being from anxiety. 


An anxiety ring is a ring that an individual can play with while being in a state of anxiety. It is a simple ring that has a fidgety element to it. So that the individual can distract and calm their minds while being in a state of anxiety. As a matter of fact, no one can ever put an end to their anxiety. These rings, medications, and other mechanisms just help an individual in coping with their anxiety for the time being. Since anxiety includes a wave of worry, agitation, and stress. It could increase or decrease by the approach an individual follows to deal with it.


Emergence Of Rings For Anxiety

Several months back, in the year 2020. TikTok went crazy with the occurrence of anxiety rings. The makers claim that these rings are extremely helpful for individuals who struggle with ADHD and Anxiety. People started to actually upload their TikToks while using these rings for anxiety. And the hashtag #anxietyring started to go viral. 


The videos claim that the person is feeling anxious at the moment. Or the person who suffers from anxiety. If they give it a good spin or start to play with it. Then it provides a sense of calmness to the person. The anxiety rings consist of certain sorts of beads and loops. It tends to distract a person by engaging them in fidgeting. So that, they do not worry about the present worrying situation. 


How Do Anxiety Rings Work?

The working mechanism of these fidgeting rings is extremely simple! When the person spins the fidgeting band, it provides a sense of serenity and calmness to their minds. It further helps the individual focus on their thoughts while spinning it. If you experience anxiety episodes on a daily basis. Then there must have been instances where you would find yourself fidgeting in order to distract yourself. It also provides a sense of comfort and relief to the person who is worrying constantly. For example, One of my friends tends to play with her hair whenever she used to feel pangs of anxiety. Another friend of mine starts to play with her earrings whenever she starts to get nervous. 


Whenever I ask them the reason behind doing this, they usually say that it helps them in overcoming negative thoughts. Thus, it decreases their anxiety. 


Do Anxiety Rings Actually Help?

Wearing an anxiety ring can help the individual become more present in the moment. It further helps the person in providing a sense of association. By giving a sense of relaxation to the individual by spinning. Fidgeting is also known as an activity which helps in calming the nerves. Thus, using it can help in keeping the nerves in check. 


The medical experts say that these rings are not a treatment. Rather they are just a way to cope with anxiety for that particular amount of time. 


Ways To Maximise The Effects Of Anxiety Rings

Anxiety rings are a way to put some amount of distraction to the current worry. However, to put an end to one’s frequent episodes of anxiety. According to medical experts, the best ways to cope up with anxiety for a long-term is meditation and medication. Some experts also say that therapies are the most helpful way to cope with anxiety. All these three steps are found helpful in some way or the other. Let us know more about them!


There are several therapeutic techniques that medical experts recommend. Such as CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) being the best among them. It is said to be one of the most popular techniques to cope up with an individual’s anxiety. Furthermore, there are several medications that help in keeping one’s anxiety at bay. 


Let us talk about the medications that come for treating and coping up with one’s anxiety. First of all, the most popular medicines when it comes to treating any sort of mental health disorders are benzodiazepines. 


Best Benzo For Treating Anxiety?

Benzodiazepines are a class of medicines that help in treating mental health disorders. These are also known as tranquillisers. The reason being these medications lower brain activity. These are the depressants that enhance the effects of GABA receptors. Now, to understand this more clearly, GABA is Gamma Aminobutyric Acid. These medications help in providing calming and sedative sensations in the mind of a person. 


Benzodiazepines help in treating the symptoms of Anxiety, Insomnia, Agitation, Panic disorder, Muscle spasms, Alcohol withdrawal, and seizures. Furthermore, talking about the medications that come under this class of medicines include several medications. however, such as Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Clonazepam, among others. 


Along with tools such as rings for anxiety. Doctors suggest consuming prescription medicines. Only if the condition of the patient is serious enough. To manage severe anxiety. Prescription medicines are the best to use along with anxiety rings. 


Best Ways To Purchase Anti-Anxiety Medication Safely

There are several online pharmacies that help in purchasing medicines. One of them is meds shop pharma. They let you buy prescription medicines at affordable prices. The prices they offer are highly pocket-friendly prices. 

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